Each member of our staff is CPR and First Aid certified, and required to have 10-13 hours of annual training each year. 

The majority of our staff have already obtained their child development certificates (or higher) or are in the process of completing them. 






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Our infant rooms are based on development, as well as age. Our ratios for the infant rooms are 4:1; meaning there will be 4 infants to one teacher. There is a maximum number of 8 children per room.

All children have an individual schedule  that is based off the parent's guidelines. All children also have individual supplies that are labeled and separated from all other infants.

A daily report is sent home every evening describing your child's day. It states when they were changed, fed, and when they slept. It also states any supplies that we are in need of for that infant as well as other general notes about the infant's day.OUR INFANT ROOMS INCLUDE:

KITTENS: Birth to 5 months
    - Infancy daily activities based around tummy time and head support
    - Maintaining a daily schedule of feedings
CUBS: 5 to 10 months
    - Beginning the first stages of mobility
    - Introducing baby foods

BOBCATS: 10 to 14 months

    - Introducing Solid Foods

    - Crawling to guided walking
CHEETAHS: 14 to 18 months
    - Walking to running and jumping
    - Eating regular table food

​    - Introducing one nap a day


Our toddler rooms are where we begin to teach simple routines, participate in both free and guided play, and start adding elements of curriculum while still meeting the semi on demand schedules of these new learners. The ratios for these rooms are 4:1 (still for Lions) and 5:1 for Leopards.

LIONS: 18 to 24 months
    - Implementing art and sensory learning
    - Working on relationship building skills
    - Incorporating more guided fine and gross motor activities

LEOPARDS: 24 to 36 months 
    - Introduction to potty training
    - Beginning to develop self help skills
    - Introducing daily activities with structure

2 to 3 YEARS
Our two and a half to three year old rooms are where our toddlers begin the ground work for the next stages of our center. The ratio for these rooms are 5:1 with a max of 13 kids for the
TIGERS and 7:1 with a max of 13 kids for the PUMAS.
Our pre-preschool programs includes:

    - Begin work on pre-literacy skills
    - Perfecting potty training
    - Family style meals 

    - Daily structured routines but still primarily centered around child lead activity


4 to 5 YEARS
The preschool rooms are where our 4 and 5 year old children begin what we call a Kindergarten Readiness program. Here they will learn basic literacy skills such as letter, shape, and number recognition as well as writing skills. The children will learn more about real life skills that they can take with them when they head off to school. The
PANTHERS have a ratio of 7:1 with a max of 13 children and the JAGUARS have a 10:1 ratio also with a max of 13 children.

Our program for preschoolers includes:
    - Introducing structured learning
    - Introducing group free play
    - Sensory crafts and projects
    - Participating in field trips and larger activities

    - Child and teacher lead large motor physical activity
    - Individually tailored learning based on child specific needs